Case Study: Association Focuses on Members with Accounting Handled


The Problem

The Alabama Beverage Association (ABA) is the trade association for Alabama’s non-alcoholic beverage industry. Historically run without paid staff, ABA was instead represented in the community by its board of directors, and in front of government bodies by an outside law firm. To increase its presence and message with the community and government entities, ABA decided to hire a full-time executive director in 2011. This gave “a face” to the organization, but there remained the administrative burden of office work. Why? Because to be effective, the executive director needs to be out of the office focused on the mission and yet accountable and transparent to the board.

The Need

The administrative office support needs that were identified included:

  • Generate monthly financial reports in a timely fashion
  • Process expense reimbursements, payroll, and bill payment
  • Implement a system of financial checks and balances
  • Make all information and systems easily-accessible from multiple locations

So how was ABA to address those needs with an executive director who needed to be out of the office to do her job, and a board of directors who have full-time jobs and all live in different cities?

The Solution

Aldridge, Borden & Co. was called in to consult with ABA to come up with a solution. After meeting with ABA’s board and executive director, it was clear that OneSource was just that solution. A description of the ABA’s custom-designed OneSource solution is illustrated.

The first piece of the solution is the cloud-based accounting platform. It provides ABA with :

  • 24/7 access anywhere with online service from any phone, laptop or computer device
  • Financial dashboard for instant cash flow analysis
  • Customized financial reports
  • System integration with all bank accounts
  • System integration with other applications including, payroll, bill pay, and expense reports and receipts
The second piece of the solution is developing a financial reporting structure. It provides ABA with:

  • Rigidity to segregate the record-keeping function from operations and authorization
  • Flexibility to tailor financial reports to ABA’s specific needs for year-over-year and actual-to-budget comparisons
  • Consistency to provide financial statements on the same day every month
  • Transparency and accountability to financial transactions by “click on” access to supporting invoices and documents
The third piece is cloud-based expense processing that integrates with the accounting platform. That combination allows the executive director to:

  • Scan or take a picture of receipts and expense reports and upload them by email
  • Match line items to the actual transactions through their bank’s online platform
  • Eliminate the need to keep paper copies or reconcile credit card statements
The fourth piece is cloud-based bill payment and payroll process that integrates with the accounting platform. With this, they can:

  • Scan or take a picture of invoices and upload them by email
  • Populate an accounts payable listing from which the director and officers can examine the invoice documents and make payment approvals
    • Pay bills as often as desired  by designating dates for the authorized check signer to receive an automated email
    • Pay vendors through the system by mail or electronically Process payroll, pay taxes, and prepare payroll tax returns and W-2s from the payroll application

The Happy Ending

By having a comprehensive cloud-based solution and a trusted partner in ABCPA taking care of the accounting, the executive director and the board are now able to:

  1. Easily access and process information
  2. Focus on doing their job, not administrative paperwork

Furthermore, they now have a system of checks and balances in place:

  • All submitted transactions are checked against the bank and credit card statements
  • Because the system is web-based, geographic location of the various submitters and approvers is irrelevant, making separation of duties simple
  • 24/7 access also means full transparency and accountability
  • Aldridge, Borden also consults with management regarding compliance with laws and regulations related to ABA’s PAC

If your association can identify with any of ABA’s (now-solved) problems, we would love to talk to you about OneSource.

If your church or organization can identify with any of these problems, we would love to talk to you about solving your concerns.


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